parco_argenteraThe paper mill obtained in 2006 the Integrated Environmental Authorization (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale, AIA), as a certification that all the international laws concerning emissions and requirements are respected as sanctioned by the BAT (Best Available Technics).


Raw materials
  • Over 80% of the cellulose fiber used in the plant is from recycled paper from waste collection and separation.
  • The combined heat and power plant besides producing all the thermal and electric power for the plant permits immission of the power overhead amounting to 20,000 kW/day into the electric grid.
  • Only 5% of production water is taken from the nearby river;
  • The remaining 95% of the production water is treated and recycled from in the production process itself;
  • The Pirinoli paper mill needs less than 10 litres of water per kilogram of produced cartonboard.
  • 100% of the sludge from the water purification plants (dyes, fibers, bio sludge, mineral fillers) are reused for production.
Atmospheric emissions
  • The emitted fumes are mostly water vapor and, thanks to the CHP plant, have extremely low CO2 content and are practically exempt from CO.