parco_argenteraThe paper mill obtained in 2006 the Integrated Environmental Authorization (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale, AIA), as a certification that all the international laws concerning emissions and requirements are respected as sanctioned by the BAT (Best Available Technics).


Raw materials
  • Over 80% of the cellulose fiber used in the plant is from recycled paper from waste collection and separation.
  • Only 5% of production water is taken from the nearby river;
  • The remaining 95% of the production water is treated and recycled from in the production process itself;
  • The Pirinoli paper mill needs less than 10 litres of water per kilogram of produced cartonboard.
  • 100% of the sludge from the water purification plants (dyes, fibers, bio sludge, mineral fillers) are reused for production.
Atmospheric emissions
  • The emitted fumes are mostly water vapor and, thanks to the CHP plant, have extremely low CO2 content and are practically exempt from CO.
  • The new high-efficiency cogeneration plant installed at Cartiera Pirinoli S.C. was designed as part of the POR FESR 2014-2020 of the Regione Piemonte and the intervention was financed with the competition of community resources of the ERDF, the Italian State and the Regione Piemonte.
    The new high-efficiency cogeneration plant, powered by natural gas, is based on a simple cycle technology gas turbine made by SOLAR TURBINES, model Taurus70, with an electrical power at the generator terminals of 7.359 kWe (t = 15 ° C ) and a recovery boiler. The plant produces electrical and thermal energy which covers the entire requirements of the mill’s production site; thanks to the application of the latest generation technologies, it allows a high recovery of the thermal energy of the fumes, avoiding their dispersion in the environment. The new plant will have a positive impact on CO2 and NOx emissions into the atmosphere, both locally and systemically. Moreover, thanks to new technologies, the plant will have excellent repercussions in terms of noise pollution, all in line with the environmental policies of the Regione Piemonte.

    FESR Regione Piemonte